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Effective Cough and Cold Treatment

While cough and cold are common health problems, they can leave you feeling weak and unproductive. There are several over-the-counter medicines that can help reduce cold and cough symptoms, but it is always better to use natural products than chemical formulations. At T C Unicorn Ltd, we carry herbal granules, capsules, and tablets for cough and cold treatment in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Canada. Whether you have a headache due to a cold or are experiencing dryness of the throat, our TCM herbs will do the trick for you. We can also provide solutions for other general health issues.

Our Products

We can provide you with the following solutions to help you with a cold or cough:


Ganmao Qingre Granule

NPN: 80022974

Whether you have a cold with headache, fever, running nose, cough, dryness of the throat, or general pain, this product will help. It dispels wind-cold, releases the exterior, and clears heat to provide you with that much-needed relief.


Lianhua Qingwen Capsules

NPN: 80033781

This lung detox formula comprises Forsythia and Honeysuckle that can remove the invasion of heat-toxin to the lung. It can also help with symptoms like aversion to cold, fever, muscle soreness, dry and sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, and red tongue with a greasy yellow coating.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Let us know about your health issue, and we will provide you with an effective remedy.

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