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About T C Unicorn Ltd

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brings you the goodness of herbs and herbal products. It is a natural alternative to modern pharmaceutical medicine and is safer to use. T C Unicorn Ltd takes pride in offering Canadians TCM products for 35+ years. From Panax ginseng extract to special formulations like Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, we carry many famous products that have been used in China for hundreds of years. Our products have been formed using traditional herbal formulae and are highly recommended by TCM doctors in Canada and all over the world. 

The products that we carry are licensed and safe. After the regulation of natural health products in 2006, we have succeeded in obtaining over 300+ Natural Product numbers (NPN) from Health Canada. Since all the products approved by Health Canada are required to be manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with the use of effective and safe ingredients, you can trust the quality of our herbal medicines. Our aim is to continue working diligently and provide even more top-notch products to our valuable customers.

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