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Herbal Medicines to Improve Your General Health

Do you feel stressed too often? Are you getting tired and wish to enhance your physical performance? The fast-paced lives that we are living in today’s world can lead to a lot of health issues, ranging from mental to physical tension. At T C Unicorn Ltd, we understand this and do our best to improve your general health by providing powerful herbal medicines in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and all over Canada. Our herbs and herbal products that have been formulated using ancient Chinese knowledge and wisdom are sure to bring a positive difference to your lifestyle. Try our herbal products, and you will love the change you start experiencing with respect to your general health.

Our Products

You can try the following products to get relief from your general health issues:


Panax Ginseng Extractum

NPN: 80016688

This product is available in 10 ml X 10 ml and 10 ml X 30 ml vials. If you are looking for supportive therapy to reduce mental fatigue, enhance cognitive abilities, or increase physical performance or capacity, then this herbal medicine is meant for you.

ginseng_royal_jelly (1).jpg

Ginseng Royal Jelly

NPN: 80015757 / NPN 80050696

Like our ginseng extract, this royal jelly is also highly effective in reducing physical and mental stress and supporting cognitive function. It can also promote the level of healthy glucose in the body.

Fresh herbs from the garden and the different types of oils for massage and aromatherapy o

We can help you with that and more!

Facing General Health Problems?

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