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Get Relief from Muscle and Join Pain

Excessive physical labour and overexertion can lead to body aches and pain. With growing age, people fall prey to issues cropping up in their muscles and joints. At T C Unicorn Ltd, we strive to offer natural and potent solutions to muscle and joint pain in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Canada. If you are suffering from rheumatic pain, backache, swelling of the joints, or any other physical problem that is hindering your active lifestyle, then get in touch with us today. We can also help you with herbal medicines for complications with women’s health. So, connect with a member of our team, and give us a chance to relieve your pain.

Our Products

We carry a wide range of balms that can offer effective temporary relief for all kinds of body aches.

Woodlock-MedicatedBalm (1).jpg

WTY Woodlock Medicated Balm

NPN: 00825247

Wong To Yick Woodlock Medicated Balm has been a trusted choice for temporary pain relief since 1968. You can use this traditional natural product for muscle aches caused by sprains, bruises, sore muscles, and rheumatism.

tiger_balm (1).jpg

Tiger Balm

NPN: 02241381 / NPN 02241380

This balm is available in 2 forms – regular (white) and extra strength (red). It can be used for relieving minor muscle aches in a temporary manner. If you have a backache, arthritis, joint pain, or if you are overexerting yourself physically, then this balm can be a wonderful remedy for you.

ling_nam_ultra-balm (1).jpg

Ling Nam Ultra Balm

NPN: 80032575

This balm is a topical analgesic ointment that gives temporary relief from muscle and joint pain caused by rheumatic issues, back problems, and tendon and ligament complexities.

porous_capsicum_plaster (1).jpg

Porous Capsicum Plaster - Chilli Plaster

NPN: 80033874

This is a great product for dispelling wind-cold, activating collaterals, relieving tension and joint pain, and reducing swelling. From bruises and backaches to mild unbroken frostbites and sprains, this chilli plaster can help with a number of issues.

Colorful pill and yellow turmeric powder and green leaf of White mugwort plant.jpg

Our herbal products can help reduce your pain.

Sprained Your Leg?

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