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Our Featured Brands

As responsible service providers, we make it a point that T C Unicorn Ltd only carries safe and potent solutions from trusted brands. We provide our customers with quality products from the following reliable names:


Beijing Tong Ren Tang (BTRT)

BTRT has manufactured top-grade Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal solutions since its inception in 1669. It was founded in the Qing Dynasty by the imperial physician Yue Xiangyang. BTRT prioritizes quality over everything, which reflects in its motto, “No compromise on cost and labour despite the complexity of processing herbal medicines. No compromise on quality and standard despite the scarcity of medicine ingredients.”


Lanzhou Tai Bao Pharmaceutical – Tang Long

This brand is popular for offering renowned TCM formulae in the form of pills and medicines for convenient usage by clients.



Unicorn is a trusted name in the TCM industry and has been providing top-notch traditional herbal remedies to Canadians for 3+ decades.


Wong To Yick Woodlock Medicated Balm

Whether it’s muscle pain or sprain, Wong To Yick Woodlock Medicated Balm has been the undisputed choice for reducing pain since 1968.

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